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negotiating advice

Is Your Loyalty to Your Company Costing You Big Time?

In doing research for an upcoming book I’m writing, 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Being Paid What You’re Worth, I came across some astounding statistics on employee tenure that I just can’t wait to share. When I started in the career business nearly 15 years ago,...

Ninja Job Search Techniques
Six Ninja Persuasion Techniques for Your Executive Job Search

Today, I’d like to quickly hit on some learnings I gleaned from re-reading a classic book on persuasion, called, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” The author, Dr. Robert Cialdini, is considered the father of the science of persuasion (and you didn’t even know that existed!).   Here...

Get Paid What You're Worth
It’s Not Your Fault You’re Not Paid What You’re Worth!

I’d like to explain why it’s not your fault you may be underpaid, and how you can determine if you’re being paid what you’re worth, and if you’re not, then what you can do about it. WHEN IT’S YOUR SKIN IN THE GAME… First, it’s important to...

The #1 Thing To Do To Get The Face to Face Interview

In a recent speaking engagement, someone asked me, “If you had one piece of advice on how to get past a phone interview and get the face to face interview, what would you recommend?” That’s a great question, because if you have a masterpiece of a...

Interview Tip – Negotiation Secrets

  [embed][/embed] Tammy Kabell, CEO of Career Resume Consulting, explains exactly how to put off talking about money, or negotiating at all, until an employer has offered you the job. In an executive job search, it is important to wait until this time before discussing compensation, because...

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