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2016 Employment/Recruiting Outlook


This infographic is courtesy of, and compiles a list of employment numbers from the recruiting or talent acquisition standpoint. You have to take a few of their numbers with a grain of salt. For instance, they list a current “open positions vs. available hires” number of only 1.7, but that is completely misleading, as the source for the number is the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s U.S. unemployment rate, which is only a fraction of the people actually in the active job market. Recruiters I speak with, as of December 2015, still tell me they sort through hundreds of resumes and applications in order to find each candidate for every position.

Another thing to take note of is the “active” vs. “passive” job seeker. To give you some context to those words, an active job seeker applies for a position, and a passive job seeker is one that is found proactively by an employer or recruiter using such online tools as These numbers below underscore the need for a great, robust LinkedIn profile – one that is highly visible to recruiters and employers looking to hire someone like you. How happy are you with your LinkedIn profile? Are you getting calls from recruiters? If not, and you’d like to boost its performance, feel free to call our offices at (816) 600-2478 or fill out the survey by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, and we can talk with you about what we can do to change your job search performance.





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