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Acing the Long-Distance Executive Search

In today’s job market, it’s essential that you set yourself apart from your competition. This is especially important when you are looking outside of your current geographic location for opportunities. One of the best ways to do set yourself apart in today’s market is to create a “thought leadership” reputation online. In other words, show yourself to be an expert in the function (like Finance, Operations, etc.) or industry (like Manufacturing, Technology, etc.) to get noticed and to position yourself as an investment that will pay off, and not just a candidate.

One of the great effects of becoming a thought leader is that employers will hire thought leaders quicker and pay them more than any other winning candidate. My firm uses the following techniques to amplify the executive reputation of our clients, if needed, well beyond their current city. So, here are a few ways to create that thought leadership persona to attract the attention of employers and recruiters outside your own metropolitan area. It can take a little extra effort, but the payoff is huge:


  1. Write LinkedIn posts. These are short articles on LinkedIn in your area of specialty, to show off your expertise. This can be as simple as your opinion on a certain topic or writing about an example of using your expertise to solve a business problem. To get your posts viewed by hundreds, if not thousands, of people, write your post specifically related to the LinkedIn Pulse Editorial Calendar. Click here to see that calendar for 2016.


  1. Create a free YouTube channel and populate it with short videos of 3 to 5 minutes in length, where you discuss the same types of topics you would write about in your short LinkedIn posts. Introduce yourself in one of them by answering the question you hear many times in interviews – “Tell me about yourself.” You only need 4-5 videos total, but be sure to populate the description area and keywords area in each YouTube video with key words and phrases that employers and recruiters would use to search for someone with your skills. You can even add these videos to your LinkedIn profile to set yourself apart from others in your field.


  1. Speaking of LinkedIn, it has become a driving force in executive searching; 70% of employers and 90% of recruiters now use LinkedIn as their exclusive source of finding their next executive talent. For you, this translates to the absolute requirement of having a robust profile on this business networking site. Write a compelling summary explaining in no uncertain terms what you can do for your next employer, or what you are doing for your current one. List quantifiable achievements in each position you have held in your career. Also, use the “skills” section at the bottom to list 50 key words and phrases that decision makers would use to find someone with your talent. Finally, LinkedIn just increased their maximum number of groups to join from 50 to 100, and belonging to the same group as employers and recruiters searching for you will bring you near the top of their LinkedIn search results, so join large nationwide groups by function and by industry to attract searchers outside of your hometown.


  1. Write a few press releases that “interview” yourself on a current topic or “how to” article. Be sure and quote yourself giving advice several times in each article. You will be seen as the expert, and when you submit this press release using a press release service, you will usually show up in over 100 media outlets nationwide, including business journals, local newspapers and TV station websites. I recommend as a press release submission service, because they will also video record an “anchor” reading a summary of your press release, just like you made the news, and you can add this video to your YouTube channel and your LinkedIn profile. You can then call yourself an “expert” and mention in all of your written materials that you have been featured as an expert in your field by over 100 media outlets nationwide or worldwide.


To read the rest of the tips on how to capture and then maintain “top of mind” status with decision makers, please click the thumbnail below to view and download the free report:

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