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Build a Compelling Online Presence

In an executive job search, a great online presence is a necessity and it could be your prospective employer’s first impression. Before you start a serious executive career search, you need to make sure anything a potential employer reads about you on the Internet is consistent with any communication you provide to the potential employer directly. A professionally built Internet footprint expands your attractiveness to employers and takes advantage of the latest in technological business trends. This is something that is unique to Career Resume Consulting and will set you apart from everyone else in the executive job search field.

Survey says: In a study conducted in August 2014, 90+% of HR reps and recruiters said their company requires them to do online research about a candidate before passing them along to a hiring manager.

Meaning: Anything and everything out on the Internet about you will be seen by your next employer.

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Having a full online presence is essential in today’s job market. Our career planning and consulting clients have found tremendous individual success in aggressively utilizing the Internet & Social Media. Our Social Media Marketing Director, a nationally recognized individual certified as an Online Branding Specialist, works closely with us to provide career planning guidance to our clients to build a robust online profile that is optimized to attract recruiters and hiring managers. Every aspect of our clients’ online presence is keyword optimized for the executive job seeker’s career goals and personal Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why does Career Resume Consulting spend more effort building you a strong internet footprint vs. any other executive career firm?

The Facts:

  • In 2009 45% of employers used social networking sites or Social Media to screen job candidates
  • In 2011 it was up to a whopping 92%
  • This year it is nearly 97% – it is now part of almost everyone’s hiring process

Sixty-nine percent of companies surveyed in 2015 say they have disqualified candidates based upon what they found online.

At the beginning of 2015, employers were surveyed on how they use online information:

Reasons candidates would NOT have been hired:

  • Candidate lied about qualifications 38%
  • Candidate made discriminatory comments 13%
  • Candidate posted content about them drinking or using drugs 10%
  • Candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs or information 9%

On the flipside, hiring managers aren’t stupid — Here are some reasons people were hired because of their positive online profiles:

  • Profile supported candidate’s professional qualifications 61%
  • Candidate showed solid communication skills 41%
  • Profile provided a good feel for the candidate’s personality and fit 39%
  • Candidate conveyed a professional image 22%
  • Other people posted good references about the candidate 15%

It is because of these things that we have found the very best Social Media Marketing Director available — We provide career planning by building the following for you:

  • A complete retooling or establishment of your LinkedIn profile that is optimized to attract recruiters and hiring managers for your target position
  • A compelling profile on the top online job boards to allow employers to easily find you
  • A professionally written and hosted online resume to maintain consistency in your marketing message for employers and recruiters that search for you online
  • Every aspect of your online presence is keyword optimized for your new career goals personal, aka Search Engine Optimization

Building your online presence is one part of the career planning guidance we offer those searching for their next executive career. For more information on creating an online presence, download the Creating a Compelling Online Presence PDF below.

To explore the possibility of receiving career planning guidance and building your online presence for your executive job search, fill out a brief online survey and one of my team members will contact you to set up a free initial consultation.

Land your next six figure job in weeks, not months.

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