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How We Work

What to Expect

When you work with CRC, you’re going to work your butt off. Our team, including the CEO, Tammy Kabell, support you in every conceivable way in your executive search, but you can’t land your perfect position without some of your own sweat. Any search firm that promises you a new position quickly without any work on your part isn’t setting legitimate expectations. About half my clients are employed and looking for something better; if you’re employed full time, we would expect you to be able to dedicate 6-10 hours consistently each week to your search. If you’re unemployed, we will expect at least 30-35 hours per week or more.

At all times, you’ll have a plan. You will have detailed instructions on what activities to perform at each step in your search.

You will be held accountable for your level of activity. Each week, we set goals for what you’ll complete, and if you aren’t able to complete those tasks, then we’ll dissect the reasons for the missed goals, and develop strategies so that it doesn’t happen again. It’s this sustained level of intensity and focus that is one of the main keys to landing the position that is perfect for you and pays you what you’re worth.

Your self-esteem and amount of self-worth will substantially boost five times during our relationship. We see this consistently. There are five points in our process where your self-worth will expand:

  • The first is after you’ve completed the extensive online resume application and you begin to understand how you have contributed to the companies you’ve worked for throughout your career.
  • The second time is after we’ve completed our 4 to 5 one-on-one resume preparation sessions and we’ve quantified your affect on your employers’ bottom lines. It’s after we quantify your achievements that you understand your true value in the marketplace.
  • You get another major boost after you’ve received your new resume, and you read your entire career expertly condensed into one page. (We also provide you with a two-page chronological resume as a backup if needed.)
  • Another big increase in your confidence comes after your advanced interview coaching is complete, and you know exactly how to handle any situation during discussions with employers.
  • Then there is a final catapult of self-esteem when you successfully start your new position, knowing that your new boss perceives you as the true Rock Star you are!

Our Guiding Principles

A great job with growth potential in a great company is not optional. If you’re not excited about a job offer, if you feel like you’re “settling” in any way, we recommend you not accept the position. With our approach, another offer will come along before too long that will be perfect for you. Many of our clients have turned down multiple jobs before accepting the right position, and have all been very happy with their decisions.

We work with the same level of urgency that you have. If you are unemployed, each coach and team member are painfully aware that you are losing $8,000 – $20,000 or more every month you’re not working; if you’re underemployed, each day that you’re not being paid what you’re worth is costing you hundreds. If you’re in an unsatisfying job, each day can seem like an eternity. For these reasons, we start the clock ticking from the moment you receive your new resume and our singular goal is the same as your ultimate result – to get you hired into a job you’re truly excited about and one that will pay you what you are worth.

Our goal is to give you mastery over the executive search process so that you can reap the benefits of this information for the rest of your career. George Leonard, in his book Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment, describes a five step process to mastery of any system.

  • Instruction – Learn the System
  • Practice – Implement the System
  • Surrender – Have Faith in the System
  • Intentionality – The Inner Game of Success
  • The Edge – Break Through to Success

These principles can be applied to a successful search:

  • DECIDE that you want mastery
  • LEARN the system of a master
  • SURROUND yourself with expert support
  • BREAKTHROUGH any inner resistance to getting what you deserve
  • KEEP on the journey for the rest of your career

Our Approach

Above all, we turn your career search into a fun, exciting adventure.
When clients come to us, they’re often completely frustrated and more than a little lost, sometimes pretty scared. This is because they have been navigating the job market without a plan and the strategy to conquer it. Once we show you how to master the game of career searching, it becomes that – a game! When your actions get consistently good results, your daily motivation soars and you can’t wait to take the next step. And this mastery stays with you throughout the remainder of your career.

You can expect a quick response to your daily needs.
Nothing is more frustrating than trusting your career to a professional firm if they don’t return calls and emails in a timely manner or if you are only allowed to talk with them 30 minutes a week. At CRC, every one of us has the same sense of urgency about your career as you do. This is why we take on a limited number of clients each month; so that we can be completely accessible to each person we work with. Your calls and emails are always returned the same business day – usually within 2-3 hours – and we will have as many phone conversations or face to face / Skype meetings as it takes to get you completely prepared for every hiring opportunity.

Our approach to your search is personal and flexible.
Even though we have systemized the process it takes to find a perfectly suited six-figure or seven-figure position, we understand that each client’s situation is unique, and so are their needs. If you need more interviewing assistance, we focus additional time on that. If you’re a whiz at networking and have a lot of contacts, we spend less instructional time in that area. As well, each hiring process is different, and we customize our coaching based upon the current opportunities at the time. This is not a cookie cutter approach, it is highly personalized advice based upon a complete system that works in helping you land your next job months faster than the national average and will pay you handsomely.

What Makes Career Resume Consulting Different than Other Firms?

Your Six Figure Solution program is very different than any other executive search firm offer in the market. Here are just a few of the advantages:

You won’t find another executive search program in the U.S. that can consistently produce results like Career Resume Consulting. In fact, nearly all other fee-based executive search firms include in their success criteria their clients’ satisfaction in the type of position, target industry, geographic location and compensation package. But what’s missing is the time it takes for their clients to land their next position. Some can’t even tell you an average. When working with CRC, those other criteria are a given. But beyond that, our clients consistently start their next jobs on average in 12-16 weeks, rather than the 6-9 month average of other firms.

One-on-one attention
We strongly believe our success lies in taking the time to work one on one with you, to learn the “how” behind your achievements in order to create your brand and differentiate you from the crowd. The personalized instruction, advice, coaching and support of one of the top experts in the industry mean that if you are willing to put in the work, you cannot fail. As a “boutique career firm,” we only accept up to four executive search clients per month to ensure you get all of the attention you need to succeed. We are the only career firm we are aware of that will stay with you until you find that “perfect” position that puts you in your genius zone, no matter how long it takes. Even better, we do this for a flat fee, not a monthly retainer, so we are incentivized to help you find that new position as quickly as possible.

When seeking the assistance of an executive career firm, you are nearly always talking to a member of their sales force prior to enlisting their services. How can you be sure the person writing your resume and managing your search has the knowledge and expertise that is essential to win in this competitive job market? In the larger firms, their staff turnover is up to 50%, and the training they receive is as little as a week’s worth. With Career Resume Consulting, you speak to Tammy Kabell or the coach you would be working with before contracting with our firm. Tammy will be writing the final draft of your resume and personally involved in your search. Your personal coach will be your instructor, coach, cheerleader and drill sergeant. You will always have a team of top experts in your corner. And Tammy has handpicked an elite team to work behind the scenes for your research and administrative support, as well as all of your digital marketing.

A systemized approach that works
In the last 13 years, Tammy has evolved our executive search techniques to incorporate what has worked for each of our past clients, so that your success is built upon the successes of everyone before you. Our executive search program is vastly different today than it was even 2-3 years ago. Being a small firm, we can quickly adapt our program to the ever-changing job market, while most other firms are using the same stale strategies they had before the market upended in 2008.

These advantages have enabled our firm to accomplish the near impossible in 2015, like landing a client his first Chief Operating Officer position within 4 weeks, or moving an individually contributing Commercial Lender into a Chief Lending Officer position within 7 weeks. These are two of hundreds of success stories of our clients.

Call Career Resume Consulting today at 816-600-2478 to speak with an executive search coach.


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