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Liabilities to Consider During a Job Search

Liabilities are any fact about your career that might keep you from getting the position you seek, or even keep you from getting an initial phone call. Each liability you possess may affect you to a different degree, but with each one, you need to design a strategy to overcome them in all communications you have with a potential employer – your resume, any marketing letters, phone discussions, face interviews, and online presence.

Check off any of the liabilities you may have from the list below:

  • You’re soon to be unemployed
  • You’re currently unemployed
  • You’ve been unemployed for a while
  • Age may be a problem that will restrict you (too old OR too young)
  • You may have changed jobs too often
  • You may be too specialized
  • You may be too generalized
  • Have been at one company/firm for a long time
  • Have been in one industry a long time
  • You lack a formal degree
  • Your career peaked a few years ago
  • You lack blue chip/large company experience that others have
  • Your firm has performed poorly
  • Your job titles are not as impressive as they should be
  • You seem to lack career progression, especially on paper
  • You have a “liability of comparison” with others who have achieved more
  • Many of your jobs have been too similar
  • Your career history shows certain gaps
  • You may have uncertain references
  • Your past achievements are losing impact over time
  • You’ve stayed too long after the handwriting was on the wall
  • You haven’t invested in yourself since college

Not dealing with liabilities that may restrict your prospects can be a career killer. Employers and recruiters won’t comment on your liabilities…they simply rule you out.

  • To minimize the impact of liabilities you need to create the right story in resumes and letters.
  • Another way to overcome liabilities is to conduct more aggressive searches, to get your materials in front of a larger audience.

And, to overcome liabilities, you must sell your transferable skills. These are skills you have acquired in your present or past jobs that can serve you in your future career.

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