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Writing a Rock Star Resume

Using Your Resume to Build Your Brand

Why “build a brand” in the first place? Well, let’s face it and until an employer gets to know you, you’re nothing but a commodity. Therefore, you need to create for yourself what the marketing field calls a Unique Selling Proposition. In other words, you need to tell an employer why they should call YOU instead of the other candidates with just as much or more relevant experience. Your USP is your unique combination of skills, strengths, experience and education and it’s this combination that no one else has.

And you need to define your USP in your resume, which is your “30 second commercial” to a potential employer. Hiring managers receive 75 – 300 resumes for every position posted, and well-known companies can receive over 1,000 resumes for each open position! Therefore, it is imperative that you set yourself apart. Keep in mind, the resume’s job is not to get you a job; it’s goal is just to get you that first phone call.

In your resume, you should state in no uncertain terms what you can do for an employer. It’s not about what you want, “I’m looking for a company that can utilize my strengths and can offer me career potential.” Your summary statement should be all about what you offer them, “Having grown my sales territory by 42% in the last two years, I have developed a systematic approach to business development that works and can affect your bottom line in a matter of months.” It should be immediately apparent to a potential employer that it would be a safe bet to hire you.

Here are 10 things you shouldn’t have in a resume:

  • Any detailed job history past 10-12 years or putting a date on any accomplishment more than 15+ years old
  • Dates of graduation from college
  • Anything regarding high school graduation; if you don’t have any college, just don’t put anything and everyone assumes you graduated from high school
  • Beginning and ending months of employment and only put years
  • Just a list of job duties or job responsibilities. Hiring managers don’t want a job description, they want to know what you actually accomplished in the job and achievements, achievements, achievements!
  • Personal stuff / hobbies and hiring managers don’t take the time to read it; it’s not relevant to making them money and the time and place for this info is during an interview
  • References: the time and place for these is later, after a successful face to face interview or if a prospective employer asks for them
  • “References upon request”…everyone knows they are
  • Any past salary information/ numbers
  • Two or more pages: You have 20-30 seconds to gain someone’s attention, so it needs to read like a 30 second commercial and give a prospective employer a teaser so that they will call you to find out more!

7 characteristics of a great resume:

  • The resume should ideally be one page in length
  • At the top, the job title/titles you want must be listed and a prospective employer needs to know what you’re looking for, and at what level
  • Your resume must be scanning-ready with key words related to the jobs you want
  • The 1st third of your resume must be a summary of how you have either made a company money or saved a company money, and connect the dots for the employer by telling them how you can do the same for them
  • Your resume must avoid revealing any liabilities, such as age, gap in employment, job hopping, etc
  • Your resume must sell transferable skills and experience factors
  • It must present a first class image

Please browse the samples of my work on the Sample Resumes page for examples of great resumes. And if you would like to know more about my resume writing process, visit the Executive Branding and Resumes page.

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