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Resume Samples

With unemployment hovering at 5% and the “broad unemployment rate” nearly at 12%, it doesn’t tell the entire story of the job market. In reality, there are nearly 40 million people searching for a new position in the United States. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that as an executive, senior level or highly-skilled professional your resume makes you irresistible to hiring managers. The document needs to highlight the skills you can bring to any position and minimize any liabilities that would keep you from getting an interview.

You need a resume and personal branding strategy that really conveys to an employer what you bring to a position and one that separates you from the crowd. You need to communicate your story. Below are several examples of my executive “Results Resume” which has been presented to clients and in turn, ended up landing those clients interviews and meetings with key decision makers at a prospective employer in literally weeks of being presented with their new resume.

Resume Before:
Randy Achiever

Resume After:
Randy Achiever, Controller

Resume Before:
David Dynamo

Resume After:
David Dynamo, Director of Sales Operations

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