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Sign Up for a Personal Consultation with Tammy Kabell!

For a limited time, you can get a one on one, personal consultation with Tammy Kabell! Tammy is an internationally recognized career expert, having 13 years in the career field helping six-figure and seven-figure clients land their perfect job and be paid what they’re worth. She also has 18 years of hiring manager experience, hiring at all levels, so she knows what employers are looking for in their next candidate.

To work with Tammy and her team normally costs thousands, depending on the services you need, but you can get Tammy’s personal advice for your career situation for 30 or 60 minutes for a small investment. She will answer all of your questions, with no topic off limits, including her top negotiation secrets which have resulted in tens of thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of dollars increase from her clients’ last positions!

Consultation Times


Here is how the personal consultation works:

  1. You choose the time length of consultation with Tammy from the options above or below. Note: you will not be talking with any of Tammy’s coaches, but with Tammy herself.
  2. You pay via our PayPal checkout. You do not need a PayPal account to process your payment – PayPal accepts all major credit or debit cards.
  3. You will be directed to an online application to fill out, which will give Tammy details about your career and your search activity so far. This will allow both of you to use your time together most effectively. This application will take about 10-15 minutes to fill out. In this application, you will list the specific questions you want answered, or the topics you would like to cover. This does not have to be a complete list, as she will answer any additional questions during your private session as time allows. In this application, you will be asked for links to any accounts you would like Tammy to review, like your LinkedIn profile.
  4. You will be prompted to send your current or most recent resume (if you have one) to Tammy’s personal email address.
  5. Tammy will be immediately notified that you have signed up for a personal consultation, and will contact you, usually the same business day, to set up your time together. Depending on her schedule, your personal consultation may be scheduled up to a week away, though she will work to get you scheduled as quickly as possible.
  6. Your time together will be a “sales free zone,” meaning that she is there to give you advice only, not sell you on the other services provided by Career Resume Consulting. However, if you choose at a later time to use CRC to help you in your executive career search, the money you invest in this personal consultation will be applied to any investment you make in your career search services. If you are interested in exploring the idea of working with CRC in your executive search, you can schedule a free consultation to talk with one of our coaches about our programs and determine if it is a right fit for your situation.
  7. Your session with Tammy will be recorded, so that you can refer back to the advice she gives you and take action quickly. No worries if you don’t take fast notes!


Some of the more popular topics to cover during a personal consultation with Tammy Kabell are:

  • A review of your resume and LinkedIn profile to optimize the results of each
  • How to overcome obstacles specific to your search, like advanced age, short tenure at multiple jobs, long term unemployment, etc.
  • What you can do yourself to increase your executive presence online, to get more phone calls from recruiters or employers.
  • How to find six-figure job opportunities that are not publicly posted on job boards.
  • How to network for your particular position most effectively in very little time.
  • How to successfully answer specific interview questions that have tripped you up in the past.
  • Assistance in preparing for an upcoming interview process.
  • Questions on negotiating with an employer or recruiter.


These sessions have proven to be invaluable in changing the trajectory of executive job seeker’s searches, and have resulted in real changes in the response rate to clients’ resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and people winning job offers in record time, saving them months of searching! Make a small investment in yourself and your career, and click the button below to get started. Tammy looks forward to talking with you very soon!

Consultation Times

Land your next six figure job in weeks, not months.

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