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Executive Interviewing Tips: Control Your Conversation

Today I’d like to share some insights that I’ve gained after studying nonverbal communication, and apply it to the interview situations that you will be in during an executive job search.   INCOHERENT GOO I do quite a bit of one-on-one interview coaching with my clients prior to...

Keep Your Career Change Fun
4 Ways To Make Your Job Search Fun

Making a career change is always a big leap of faith. Whether you’ve been downsized from your old job or this career change is your own choice, launching into a job search can be overwhelming. At this point, I always like to remember the Mary...

Pitching Your One Big Thing Part 1: How to Communicate Your Value to Employers

When having networking conversations, informational interviews, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews, you are given a chance to do some personal marketing. During your personal marketing communication, you have the opportunity to pitch your “One Big Thing.” Your one big thing is your core marketing message. This...

10 Reasons Why Employers Aren’t Calling You: Reasons 6-10

We recently discussed the first 5 of the 10 reasons you aren't receiving phone calls. Here are the next 5 reasons: 6. Employers don’t know you’re out there. Since there are an average of 600-1,000 other applicants applying for the same position, it is very possible...

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