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The Job Search Manual for Six Figure Professionals

Want some valuable free tips on what you can do today to change the outcome of your executive search for the better? Would you like it instantly delivered to your email inbox right now? You’ve come to the right place. And when you sign up for this manual, you also will receive additional periodic advice from me.

Get Your Copy of
"The Job Search Manual for Six Figure Professionals"

Get Your Copy of

"The Job Search Manual for Six Figure Professionals"

Valuable FREE tips on how to improve your executive career search.

Great! Check your email inbox for the link to download your Job Search Manual!

Here are 10 reasons why you need to sign up for this Manual:

  1. Foundation Advice
    This manual contains valuable advice on what you need to have as a foundation before ever starting your executive search. This includes specifics on a great resume and a robust online profile.
  2. Tips on Taking Immediate Action
    There are strategies and tips in this manual that you can implement today that will swiftly change the effectiveness of your search. I have received countless thank-you emails documenting the success of these principles.
  3. Access to the “Hidden Job Market”
    You get specific instruction on how to tap into the unpublished job market, where there are many opportunities and little competition.
  4. Covers Every Step of the Job Search Process
    This manual covers every step of your search process, from resumes and LinkedIn profiles, to networking and interviewing including advice on negotiating larger compensation packages.
  5. Gain Insights into Today’s Market
    You’ll learn what today’s job market landscape really looks like, and the 3 factors that have converged recently to make this the “perfect storm,” necessitating the need for a drastically different approach.
  6. Additional Tips and Instruction
    You’ll also receive a weekly emailed copy of my Monday Morning Job Market Minute, the informational radio spot I host every Monday morning on KCMO 710AM/103.7FM Radio. These, too, have received rave reviews.
  7. Featured Announcements
    You will be the first to know when I announce my free webinars and in-person workshops. These always fill up quickly, so advanced notification ensures you’ll get a seat.
  8. Successful Strategies
    When a client of mine lands their next position, I always dissect the reasons for their success. I share some of these reasons with you, to help boost your search effectiveness.
  9. Exclusive Look at New Content
    When I publish new manuals, articles or other resources on my site, you will be the first to review this new information, to keep ahead of your competition.
  10. New Blog Posts
    When local or national job market news hits, I’ll break it down and explain what it means to you, and give you the real story behind the statistics. This is often in stark contrast to what the media is manualing, and is important for you to know.

Land your next six figure job in weeks, not months.

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