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Who We Serve

Is This You?


At Career Resume Consulting, my team and I work with job seeking professionals who have either made $100K+ or are ready to make this in their next position, and have a strong desire to take control of their career search. Most of my clients are executives, senior level or highly-skilled professionals that are secure in their ability to make a difference for their next employer, but are unsure how to navigate the current job market.

This may include people with great success in Sales & Business Development, Operations, IT, HR, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, but also people with career paths specific to Engineering, Legal, Project Management and Client Services. In my 15 years of experience, there are few career paths I have not encountered; I’ve been successful with all of them.

We equally serve employed people ready to make a move up and unemployed individuals looking for their next career challenge. My strategies are particularly effective for entrepreneurs and business owners who decide to leave their own businesses and pursue high level leadership positions with other companies. Only 10% of our clients are in the Kansas City area, with another 70% located throughout the United States. At any given time, about 20% of our clientele are located outside of the U.S., as we work globally and have a UK division that serves the UK, the EU and the Middle East.

Are any of these statements true for you?
“I just got laid off or I see the writing on the wall with my current employer, and I haven’t had to look for a job in many years. I know the job market is completely different than when I last had to look for a new position, and I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t want to waste my time with activities that won’t get me any results.”
“I realize my resume doesn’t accurately reflect what I can do for my next employer. But even beyond that, I’m not finding access to enough openings, and don’t know how to get my resume in front of decision makers.”
“I’ve been unemployed for several months, and I realize what I’ve been doing to look for a job just isn’t working. Instead of continuing to bang my head against the wall, I’m now considering professional assistance in my search.”
“I need to change industries or geographic locations, and I don’t have the network I’ve relied on in the past to find positions. Or I have other obstacles in my search, like age, long-term unemployment or many years in only one industry, and I don’t have strategies in place to overcome these.”
“I’ve invested in a professional resume or executive search services in the past, but I still haven’t found a job. It’s completely frustrating, but I refuse to become just a sad statistic.”
“My goal is to find a position with a high level of responsibility with a company that is a good fit for me, and that will pay me what I’m worth. But I don’t have a solid plan to achieve that!”

If any of the above statements ring true for you, then you might be a good fit for Your Six Figure Solution executive search program or my Executive Branding and Results Resume services.

Our Most Successful Clients

As the owner of Career Resume Consulting, I only take on clients that have a high probability of quick success. On the flip side, if we develop a working relationship, you can be sure I have faith in your abilities to land a job quickly.

In my experience, you will be one of our most successful clients if:
  • You have a clear focus of the position you want next or at least a solid direction.
  • You have an extreme and continued motivation to leave your present situation.
  • You have the confidence in yourself to invest both time and money in your career and executive search.
  • You have an open mind to instruction that might typically be viewed as counter-intuitive.
  • You have a track record of taking direction and really running with it, and exceeding expectations every time.
  • You have spent your career delivering quality work for your employer. Everything you have done in every job is your very best effort, without exception. A strong commitment to excellence and continual improvement in everything you do is a personal mission for you. You strive to be one of the best in your field.
  • You have a strong record of making a contribution to each place you have worked. It’s not all about the money; you take pride in a job well done.

Though our clients usually range from 50-64 years of age, making six figures to high six figures,and a few into the seven figures, those are not mandatory descriptors, and if the traits listed above are present, early success is still likely. In fact, in 2017, many of our clients are younger, in their 30’s and 40’s, and are ready to make a big move up in their career and be paid what they are truly worth. It is quickly becoming a known specialty of ours.

The client that secures their perfect position most quickly is someone who has a strong history of taking action and is highly motivated to take action on a daily basis; all they need is expert instruction and guidance on how to do it.

Now that you know the types of clients my team and I work with, the challenges we help them overcome and what our clients need to ensure their success, I invite you to learn about how we work with executive search clients.

Land your next six figure job in weeks, not months.

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